Culture Vultures Newsletter | AMS!-Impro and ImproLogen aus Dänemark

Culture Vultures Newsletter | AMS!-Impro and ImproLogen aus Dänemark

Good news from our friends at AMS!-Impro , who write …

We are proud to present our special guests from Denmark – ImproLogen ! ImproLogen is visiting us from Copenhagen for a workshop during the day and an awesome show in the evening. The show will be in English . So do not miss this unique opportunity to bring your international friends to the show.

Plus, there will be an improv jam session with our AMS!-Impro residents after the show!

Sunday, 8 March 2015 // Doors open at 19:30 // Show starts at 20:00 // Admission is 5€

Culture Vultures is a mailing list announcing arts events in English or bi-lingual English and German in Bremen and the North-West. We also support German-language events put on by friends of new leaf , The Parlement of Foules and anyone connected to the English-Speaking Cultures Department of Bremen University. If you have a reading, a play, a show or a film you think we could propagate for you, contact us at culture.vultures [at] or iwatson[at]

ImproLogen is an improv company that wants to bring the joy and art of LONGFORM IMPROV COMEDY to the people. The company has worked with some of the world’s best improvisers at the famous American improv theater iO Chicago. ImproLogen is an international ensemble with performers trained at iO Chicago and the well-known Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. It is the finest selection of improv performers and teachers Denmark has to offer!

For more information visit:

Office hours in the lecture-free period winter 2015

Office hours in the lecture-free period winter 2015
February, 25th 2015; March, 4th 2015; March, 11th 2015; March, 18th 2015
1:00 p. m – 3:00 p. m. – GW2 A3590
Please register on Stud.IP for a time slot of your choice (“Profile” “Appointments”) or alternatively contact me in advance if you would like to arrange an additional appointment (Stud.IP –

Canada & Québec Conference in Bremen

Being YOUNG and Growing OLD in Canada and Quebec
Être JEUNE et vivre VIEUX au Canada et au Québec
on Friday, January 31 & Saturday, February 1
in City 46, Birkenstr. 1, 28195 Bremen

Interdisciplinary Conference held by the Bremen Institute of Canada and Québec Studies (BICQS)

BIKQS500The conference addresses an academic audience as well as citizens from Bremen and the region who are interested in Canada and Québec studies. The attempt is to shed light on youth and age as the two biographical poles – possibly with migration background – from the perspectives of the relevant academic disciplines. This includes questions of the PISA-winner’s early childhood and school education as well as immigration policy, day-to-day work in a multicultural society and the potentially age specific political and religious beliefs of its members. Further, demographic change, social systems and the societal evaluation of aging or youth (youth culture) will be of interest. The latter will especially come into focus where indigenous appreciation of age and the tradition of knowledge are evident.
Similar to our interdisciplinary conference on The Far North in 2010 (cf. we have won distinguished speakers from Canada and Québec plus Europe and of course from the BICQS itself who are experts in related disciplines such as educational science, sociology, political science, history, literary and media studies, labor law, health science etc. with a special focus on Canada and Québec studies.

The working languages of the conference are English and French. The publication of papers within the framework of conference proceedings is intended.

Flyer, Conference Poster and Abstracts

For further information please visit:

Parlement of Foules – The Twelve Tales of Christmas

the_twelve_tales_of_christmas“Christmas is coming!” A cry that fills some people with joy, and others with dread… It is this ambivalent attitude towards one of the most significant public festivals in the English-speaking world that The Parlement of Foules – Bremen University’s English- and American-Studies drama group – has taken up in their latest production, a Christmas potpourri entitled The Twelve Tales of Christmas (any perceived references to a well-known carol are entirely intentional…).

For Christians, Christmas is a time of great celebration… unless, of course, YOU are the one burdened with preparing Christmas dinner for the enlarged family while also ensuring that the day goes as smoothly as clockwork for all concerned (except yourself, that is)… Shopkeepers see Christmas as the chance to boost sales and perhaps pay off remaining debts… but what about the poor victims of their salesmanship, receiving yet another unwanted gift (yes, what actually is this object I have unwrapped, what is it for???), struggling to look grateful when they would much rather be somewhere else?

Yes, Christmas has its up sides and its down sides, for (wo)man and beast alike. “Peace and goodwill” can suddenly be in very short supply… and yet, even the greatest anti-Christmas ranter will find a foot twitching at some (some…!) of the season’s musical offerings.

In the past, Christmas was less commercial, had more meaning, brought family and community alike together, and we have mined the (re-)sources from centuries past, taking elements from mediæval mystery plays (adapted to modern English!)  and carols down the ages, as well as examining more contemporary views, those of the furious, the curious, and the frankly confused…

In short, The Parlement of Foules presents a show reflecting and collecting some of the many different facets of Christmas from across the English-speaking world, in drama, poetry and music, comedy and barely-averted tragedy: an evening that invites you to sit back and get into the Advent spirit! Who knows, you may even find yourself joining in one of the songs…
Performance details:

Schnürschuh Theaterhaus (Buntentorsteinweg 145), Bremen.

20th, 21st, 25th & 26th November, 2013.

Performances start at 7 p.m.; doors open at 6.30 p.m.

Tickets (€12; €8 for students and pupils) can be reserved with the theatre under (0421) 55 54 10. Please note that reserved tickets are to be collected 30 minutes before performances begin.

Drinks can be obtained before and after the performance as well as during the interval in the foyer of the theatre.

The Parlement of Foules – Bremen University’s English-language theatre group – will soon be performing Volpone by Ben Jonson

VOLPONE FLYER 1xWritten sometime around 1605-06, Volpone is a fascinating combination of feel-good play and moralizing sermon. It pillories the greed for money and the corruption of the elite of 17th-century Europe – as such, its target could hardly be more contemporary in 21st-century Europe…

Jonson employs the caricature figures of commedia dell’arte to make his satire simultaneously biting and supremely comic: Signor “Fox” is surrounded by a group of grasping legacy-hunters: “Raven”, “Crow” and “Vulture” all come sniffing at the presumed carcass, with Sir and Lady Parrot squawking around them, all of them unaware how the Fox has been fleecing them for the past few years – but who will have the last laugh? What are the servants, the Fox’s “Fruit-fly” and Sir Parrot’s “Peregrine”, up to: are they as harmless and helpful as they initially seem? And will the innocent finally be granted justice, or will greed and corruption prevail?

The Foules (never was a name more suitable than this time!) offer their usual brightly colourful evening with not a few surprises and plenty of comedy in somewhat modernised and simplified English with musical support.

Tickets are available direct from the theatre, and cost €12 (€8 for pupils and students).

A schools pack will be available at the end of May, containing

Ø  a summary of the plot

Ø  thumbnail sketches of the main characters

Ø  questions to discuss before coming to a performance

Ø  points to discuss as a form of debriefing after attending a performance.

If you are interested in receiving this, please contact Michael Claridge at claridge[at]

Performance details:


Tuesday, 11th – Saturday, 15th June

Doors open at 6.30; performances begin at 7 p.m.


Theaterhaus Schnürschuh

Buntentorsteinweg 145

28201 Bremen.

Tel. 0421-55 54 10. Email Web

Public transport: No. 4 or 5 tram, Gneisenaustr. tram stop.

Cornelia Petmecky in Poetry Nights & reading Angela Carters „Die Braut des Tigers“

Schauriges und Böses von Edgar Allen Poe | Lesung mit Cornelia Petmecky
Mittwoch, den 16. Januar 2013, um 20 Uhr
Poetry Nights im GASTFELD (Gastfeldstraße 67, 28201 Bremen/Neustadt

You can find more information and an audio sample at and

Cornelia Petmacky will be appearing again in February with a different show, this time reading Angela Carter’s erotic fairytale „Die Braut des Tigers“ from her collection Blaubarts Zimmer (The Bloody Chamber)

„Die Braut des Tigers“ von Angela Carter | Lesung mit Cornelia Petmecky
, den 15. Februar 2013 um 20 Uhr
ATELIER am schwarzen meer, Am Schwarzen Meer 119, 28205 Bremen/Östliche Vorstadt

Again, you can find an audio sample and more information at