Dr Jana Nittel is a specialist in the fields of crime fiction, travel literatures and literary masculinity studies. She teaches courses on 13th–21st Century British, Anglo-American and Anglo-Canadian Literatures, media history and media aesthetics. Jana worked and lived in London, UK for nearly ten years and joined the faculty for literary studies and language science at Bremen University, Germany in April 2010.

Jana holds a Masters degree in English and American Studies from Universität Leipzig and she received her PhD in Twentieth-Century British Women’s Serial Detective Fiction by Roehampton University London in 2007. Her main teaching and research interests include:

  •     18th–21st Century British, Anglo-American and Anglo-Canadian Literatures
  •     Film and Media studies
  •     Postcolonial theory/transcultural studies
  •     Gender Theory/ Literary Masculinity studies
  •     Gender- and genre-specific developments in anglophone crime fiction and film
  •     Postcolonial and transcultural perspectives in anglophone travel literature.


Universität Bremen
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