Twelfth Night June 21st – 24th, starting at 7. p. m.

21st24th June, starting at 7 p.m. (Doors open at 6.30 p.m.)
Schnürschuhtheater, Buntentorsteinweg 145, 28201 Bremen

The Parlement of Foules, Bremen University’s English drama troupe, is celebrating William Shakespeare’s 400th ‘departure’ year – ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ – with the production of a second of his plays, namely Twelfth Night (or What You Will…).

Tickets – still at the price of €12 (€8 for students and pupils) –
can be booked direct from the theatre: 0421-55 54 10 or online at

Director Michael Claridge [claridge[at]] writes:

“Using a slightly simplified text, we have updated the setting to shortly after the First World War. Sebastian and Viola, sailing on the good ship ‘Titania’, have the misfortune to hit a mine … The rest, as they arrive independently of each other in Illyria, is anything but silence, as a potentially tragic situation explodes into a world of comedy, self-love, passion, misrule and music, all packaged in some of the most moving but also wittiest and most poetic language – ‘That, that is, is,’ philosophizes Feste the fool, only to remark shortly thereafter that ‘Nothing that is, is’ … We are in a world of make-believe and self-delusion, one where appearances are all too deceptive.

But how will the situation be resolved? Five minutes from the end, it seems as if a host of hearts are about to be broken … How can Shakespeare manage to save the situation and restore order, peace and tranquillity?

This promises to be one of the most exhilarating productions the Foules have staged in their 18 years, the acting underpinned by plenty of live music and dance, as we bring Shakespeare’s language and his story riotously alive, yet underline its timeless messages.

„ Our Schools Pack, containing information about the play, our take on it, the plot and characters, and background material on Shakespeare’s time(s), is now available! If you would like an electronic copy, please contact the Pack editor, Franziska Ptok (who will also be playing Olivia), on franzi.ptok[at]

After each performance ends, there will be the opportunity for anyone from the audience to meet some of the cast and production crew onstage and discuss their experiences, their approach to the play, what it’s like to perform Shakespeare… in English… and other such aspects.

We look forward very much to seeing you in the Schnürschuh – even if (or especially because) Germany is playing Northern Ireland on the first night … !?!”

P.S. from Irish Culture Vultures messenger Ian Watson: So I’ll be there on the Second, Third or Fourth Night (or: What? You, Will?